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Thomas A. Peltz, LMHC, LADC-1, CAS, CPE-1, M.Ed.

OFFICE: PO Box 2031, So. Hamilton, MA 01982

Call: (978) 927-6763

Services: Wellness

Thomas A PeltzThere are four areas of wellness which I refer to. These areas are: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.

It takes time and effort in the process to learn how to get well. Physically, one must learn how to eat, sleep, exercise and eliminate in order to stay healthy. Intellectually, one needs to learn all there is to learn about how to get well and what is keeping you from it. Emotionally, one must learn how to identify a feeling and manage it, rather than feel controlled by it. Road rage is one such example of where an uncontrolled feeling can do great damage if left unchecked. Finally, spirituality involves developing a positive or a healthy relationship in three parts: a relationship with oneself, secondly, a relationship with others around you, and finally, a relationship with God or a Higher Power.